Game Assets

Images, map, tilesets and more.

The images of actors, map datasets and tilesets are are handled in one area: src/assets. This is where you'll be doing most of the editing outside of the code editor, should you require it.

This is the general folder structure of assets.

├── audio/
    └── music
├── fonts/
├── github/
├── graphics/
    ├── actors
    └── items
        └── original
    └── ui
        ├── client
        └── mouse
├── scss/
    ├── elements
    └── typography
└── tiles/


The assets of audio files containing game music and interaction sound effects. Most of these are obtained using third-party websites where we either buy the license to use or are free and credit the creators.


Game fonts used are store in this location; as specified in src/assets/scss/typography/font.scss. The three fonts used are:

  1. Px437_IBM_PS2thin2 is used as UIFont in game panes, buttons, forms.
  2. PxPlus_IBM_VGA8 is used as ChatFont for game chat.
  3. PixelMix is used as GameFont is used in context-menu and UI fonts.


These assets are related to the VSC hosted. As of writing, Delaford is currently hosted on GitHub so the folder is /github. The assets here are mostly graphics and contain the logo and its .xcf GIMP source file.


The graphics in the game are split up in three main groups: Actors, Items, and UI. The Items group contain the original source file (.xcf) and its exported images while the Actors and UI group just contain the exported image due to their simplicistic graphic nature.

All graphics in tilesets adhere to the 32x32 pixel-size nature due to the game constraints. It may be possible in the future to have Monsters be larger.


The tilesets for NPCs and Monsters are located in this area. The main player graphic is located here as well. More player selections are due to be added when Classes are added in.


Items in the game are kept here in both their original .xcf format and exported images. In this folder, we seperate out the tileset in multiple groups due to the extensive amount of items in-game.

Group Description
Armor Armor worn by player.
Edible Potions, food, meat eaten by player.
General General use items like coins, smithing bars, and arrows.
Jewelry Necklaces, rings, pendates worn by player.
Weapons Weapons used on monsters and others by player.

You can easily edit .xcf files using GIMP to add/modify/remove assets. Remember to update the x,y coordinates in their respective JavaScript files in server/core/data in /foreground and /items so that the respective image is shown in the tileset.


Sass style sheets for the game and UI. The main file main.scss groups everything from buttons to typography styles.


Where the main tilesets in-game reside. There is the foreground objects.xcf and background terrain.xcf. These can be edited using GIMP as you replace, add, modify tiles in-game.